GenSAP will develop next generation genomic selection tools for genetic improvement schemes inagricultural plants and animals. Genomic selection (GS) is currently revolutionising cattle, pig, andpoultry breeding world-wide and has the potential to do so in all agricultural species. The methodis recognised as the key genetic improvement technology of the future, and will be crucial inmeeting the global challenge to efficiently increase production of high quality agricultural productswhile improving animal welfare, reducing environmental impact, and maintaining biodiversity. Sofar, research in GS has been driven by a need for rapid industrial implementation resulting in afragmented and species-specific research effort. The strategic research centre GenSAP will gatherall relevant Danish breeding companies and research groups as well as world-leading internationalresearchers to make a joint strategic research effort and build the foundation for next generationGS across all agricultural species. GenSAP will develop GS methodology for the management,integration, and extraction of relevant information from the massive amounts of data emergingfrom whole genome sequencing, functional genomics, epigenomics, and complex phenotypingtechnologies. The improved GS methodology will be based on efficient algorithms accounting fore.g. gene-by-gene and gene-by-environment interactions. In addition, GenSAP will generateadvanced computational tools for optimising and evaluating selection decisions based on in silicodata. This will result in decision tools that ensure long-term sustainable implementation of GS.Consequently, next generation genomic selection tools will be efficient across species andenvironments, and will be both economically and genetically sustainable. GenSAP hopes tocontribute to the foundation of a globally competitive and sustainable food production.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/201331/12/2018


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