Children in the built environment, play, learning, creativity: What can we learn from embodied cognitive science and co-creation?



The project aim is to critically explore existing scholarship and synthesize the key collection of literature and vocabulary associated with children’s holistic development through playful learning, embodied cognitive science, and designer-child collaborations in the built environment in order to identify ‘the state of the art’, as well as examples of practice, nationally and internationally.

In particular, the project's goal is to investigate and set future research directions for understanding (1) how the built environment (architectural and urban spaces) and (2) the active involvement of children in the design of the built environment can influence children’s interaction with and use of space, and more specifically, help promote and enhance children and young people’s play, learning, and creativity.

The project is supported by Capital of Children.
Effektiv start/slut dato15/11/201826/08/2019


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Co-creation with Children for Children: Promoting Play, Learning and Creativity in the Built Environment

Michael Martin (Oplægsholder), , Andrea Jelic (Oplægsholder), , Lars Brorson Fich (Andet), , Lea Holst Laursen (Andet), , Tenna Doktor Olsen Tvedebrink (Andet), & Lydia Immanuela Oehlwein (Andet)

maj 2019

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