CIPED - Compact Intelligent Powerful Electric Drivetrain for EVs



The purpose of the project is to develop an innovative propulsion system for electrical, hybrids and fuel cell vehicles as well as industrial applications such as cooling systems. The system will include 1) a unique type of switched reluctance motor (SRM) with a very high energy efficiency at both low and high speeds, 2) an energy harvesting dampening system that will increase the range of the vehicles when driving, 3) a customized control unit for both the SRM and the dampening system.
The main activities in the project will be the development of the active dampening system, which will be developed by researchers at AAU and in close collaboration with ePower and Eltronic. The motor design will be a two-step phase, where the first phase will investigate and prove the potential of a patented novel SRM topology, aiming the prototype for the automotive sector. The second phase will include rigorous development based on the experiences gained from the first prototype, to have a full functioning prototype ready for benchmark tests to identify the benefits and challenges of the solution.
Kort titelCIPED
Effektiv start/slut dato01/02/201431/01/2017