The project investigates potentials for improving circularity of plastics related to the use of blockchain technology (BCT).
The project reviews the current circular plastic strategies, and related BCT initiatives,
and analyse the barriers and possibilities for increasing plastic recycling using BCT in Denmark, building on data collection among relevant stakeholders in selected plastic value-chains, and a scenario-workshop.
The project feeds into a whitepaper coordinated by Centre for Logistics and Cooperation


There is a need to improve the quality of recycled plastic, and one way to achieve this is by securing that information of origin and composition follows the plastic as it moves through society. Blockchain technology holds the potential to support this. The present research investigates this potential partly by following selected materials and interview companies, partly by developing scenarios for how blockchain technology might help improving a circular plastic economy. The scenarios are developed together with major stake holders from industry and authorities and experts in blockchain technology.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202031/12/2020


  • Center for Logistik og Samarbejde


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