CLEANSITE: Novel Electrochemical Oxidation for Landfill Leachate Treatment



The CLEANSITE project will develop a novel system and technology for on-site treatment of collected landfill waste water or leachate though a novel and intelligent treatment method, which combines highly innovative electrochemical treatment or advanced oxidation methods with smart sensor's and enabling microelectronic technology for optimised process control and design.

Due to significant performance and efficiency gains, the innovation suggested will promote a modal shift of leachate and waste water management practises in the EU and add an important and significant contribution to the current Best Available Technique (BAT). The market opportunity for the SME consortium - group of European suppliers of windows and ventilation systems lies in the provision a treatment profile with improved environmental profile. The major innovation and point of market differentiation of the CLEANSITE system will elimination current economic and environmental costs though on site-treatment and leachate management optimisation.

The reductions in treatment costs alone are sufficient to render the product very attractive to customers. The envisaged solution, however, is likely to result in a paradigm shift towards much needed innovative solutions, with wider associated societal and economic benefits. The R&D work required to achieve project objectives is centred around technical work packages with regard to system design, electrochemical and advanced oxidation, integrated water management and control enabling technology all of which are integrated in a novel waste water treatment system with wide application potential.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/201030/06/2010


  • FP7-SME - Seventh Framework Programme: 1.200.000,00 kr.


  • vandrensning
  • elektrokemisk oxidation
  • perkolat
  • losse/genbrugsplads


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