Cluster-based Innovation through Embedded Systems technology



To master increasingly complex and multidisciplinary technology and business chains in ICT, partnering, risk-sharing and mobilisation of critical mass across the Union are needed. CLINES cluster partnership will address many of the difficulties facing innovative research and business actors.The CLINES partnership builds on the cooperation and experience of four European Research Driven Regional clusters with proven track records. The partnership involves Brainsbusiness ICT cluster in North Jutland, Denmark, BICCnet in Bavaria, Germany, DSP Valley in Leuven, Belgium, and GAIA in the Basque Country, Spain. Each participating cluster builds on strong and committed triple helix partnerships. The mission of the CLINES partnership is to develop a sustainable, well-organized European key technology intercluster, where the outcome of the partnership will increase the coordination of trans regional innovation investments and ensure an efficient development, exploitation and dissemination of the ICT applications. CLINES project results will lead to increased European excellence within key enabling technologies and foster pertinent regional digital agendas. It will furthermore provide a framework for cluster cooperation to unlock novel business opportunities on global markets beyond Europe. By the end of the project period, CLINES will present:

• A strategic research agenda for the involved institutions including both selected research challenges as well as selected, potential application areas.

• A strategy for public & private funding which is coordinated with the strategic research agenda.

• A strategy for innovation activities with relevant partners and based on smart specialization strategy.

• A strategy for internationalization, to boost competitiveness.

• A dissemination strategy for attracting companies and investors which is using a variety of media and which is based on selected showroom demonstrators illustrating research and innovation results.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/201331/08/2016


  • Regions of Knowledge: 15.502.645,00 kr.


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