CNTK (Centre for Network and Service Convergence)) Project: WING part



The CNTK was started in August 2002. The project is financially supported by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Development and is running for three years. The project encompasses three industrial Danish companies ? Sonofon A/S, Ericsson Telebit A/S and NetTest A/S -, two university partners - AAU and the Centre for Communications, Optics and Materials (COM ) at the Danish Technical University (DTU) - and the Danish Technology Institute, Århus. The overall aim of the project is to do research, development and establishment of tools for the technical and financial optimisation of a multi-service core network - being migrated from existing circuit switched core networks to fully IP-based solutions. This includes independent access technologies covering fixed and/or wireless access to third generation cellular networks as well as solutions based on WLAN and WPAN technology. Furthermore, an important task in the centre is the dissemination of the achieved results to Danish network operators, infrastructure suppliers, manufacturers of test equipment and application/content providers. The work to be conducted by the WING group encompasses research and development of wireless networking aspects required to support ubiquitous access to network-based applications from heterogeneous wireless access networks, which include architecture development, QoS management, mobility control, signalling protocols, and security aspects. As a first step, fundamental QoS concepts have been surveyed and developed from a networking perspective, and an evaluation of networking simulation tools has been conducted. These activities have been a basis for specifying the first project to develop and implement network-based applications. Planned next steps are the generalization of the networking scenario, as well as hand-over and QoS control concepts including its interfaces to the application. Furthermore, a parallel activity has been started to apply cross-layer network optimisation techniques in the context of an existing operator network. The SMC group is also involved in the project activities. The project is closely linked to the research activities of the FACE project and Ph. D. work of Hanane Fathi (Real-time services in IP-based heterogeneous networks. (Hans-Peter Schwefel, Hanane Fathi, Hiroyuki Yomo, and Ramjee Prasad)
Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/200230/10/2004


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