In July 2000, CIP received the excellent news from Brussels that the center, together with a number of partners, had won a major 5th Framework contract for a three-year research project called CO-IMPROVE. The project will address the area of collaborative Continuous Improvement between companies involved in so-called Extended Manufacturing Enterprises (EME). This article briefly describes the project background, objectives, consortium and budget. The battlefield of competition is increasingly moving from the level of individual firms to that of EMEs. Consequently, new approaches must be developed not only to enhance the business performance of EMEs, but also, in particular, continuous improvement of their performance, relative to other EMEs. Due to functional, geographical and time separations between partners involved, EMEs can hardly rely on organisational and managerial mechanisms supporting continuous improvement, while the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) needed to bridge these barriers are not currently available. And then, even with suitable ICT-support, learning to improve collaboratively is a non-trivial, protracted process. The objective of CO-IMPROVE is to develop: A Business Model, supported by: A web-based Software System, to enable and enhance the capturing, storage, retrieval, transfer and dissemination of knowledge generated as part of ongoing collaborative efforts to improve the new product development and order fulfilment performance of EMEs. Implementation Guidelines supporting the situational design, implementation and ongoing development of collaborative, EME-level improvement. Through this, various industrial and societal needs are met: Improved business performance of EMEs in the areas of new product development and order fulfilment. Indicative of the sort and level of performance improvements the companies involved in CO-IMPROVE expect to achieve are a stock reduction and delivery performance improvement of both up to 50 %, and a reduced defect rate of at least 25%. The SMEs to be involved in the project will improve their CI skills and thus increase their competitiveness and attractiveness as partners in (other) EMEs. Improved development of employees, their qualifications, employability and Quality of Work Life. Less waste of time, material, energy. The CO-IMPROVE consortium involves CIP as project managers, Twente University (Netherlands), Trinity College (Ireland) and Politecnico di Milano (Italy); three industrial companies, Sauer Danfoss (Denmark), Aermacchi (Italy) and Power Packer (Netherlands); and two IT-companies, IFS (Sweden) and Tasis (Greece). The total budget for the project is 3 million Euro (23 million DKK) of which the EU will fund 1.8 million Euro (13.4 million DKK). The funding for CIP is approx. 350.000 Euro (2.6 million DKK). Project Duration: Spring 2001- Spring 2004 For further information please contact prof. Harry Boer or prof. Frank Gertsen .
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