Co-simulation and Co-optimization of Thermoelectric Generation System

  • Chen, Min (Projektdeltager)



Thermoelectric generators (TEG) can convert waste heat that abounds in modern societies into electricity in an environmentally-friendly and reliable manner, and many energy applications of TEG can be envisaged. The research focus of this project is the TEG system design methodology, a direct continuation to the investigator’s PhD dissertation, where TEG modeling by numerical techniques has been extensively investigated. In this project, the two TEG numerical models suggested in the investigator’s PhD dissertation will be explored by connections with associated computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and power stage sub-system models, respectively. Then model predictions of system-level thermal and electrical behaviors will be used to identify specific optimum design criteria in the development of prototypes of TEG and various associated thermal and electrical systems. Verified by experiments of selected energy systems with TE devices integrated, precise and versatile simulation tools can be obtained. The ultimate target of the proposed project is a system co-design strategy, where all components in the energy system, i.e., the thermal fluid system, the electrical load system, and the thermoelectric device itself, will be optimized as a whole, so that the overall generation performance of the energy system rather than its individual part can be improved.
Effektiv start/slut dato15/03/201015/09/2012