Comparison of Third Generation DSP Platforms (3GDSP)

  • Olsen, Ole (Projektdeltager)
  • Koch, Peter (Projektdeltager)



This project is conducted in cooperation with local industry (ETI, DigiAnswer and NOKIA). The term 3G DSP is used in the sense of the state-of-the-art processors well suited for modern DSP applications. This may include processors typically referred to as digital signal processors as well as modern controllers featuring DSP possibilities, and general-purpose micro-processors. For that purpose, 3 platforms have been selected ("plat-form" is defined as processor and compiler) and analysed (TMS320C55x,TigerSHARC, ARM9E-S). Some case studies have been defined for analysis of the platforms (GSM EFR, Matrix Functions, Dhrystone, CVSD, Viterbi). Results clearly indicate that General Purpose Processors with DSP-extensions (such as ARM) are a viable alternative to dedicated DSP-processors (such as TI C55x) under the constraints considered in this project. See CPK Annual Report 2001 - Figure (Cycle count and code size (bytes) for different coding style optimisations for the FIR filter kernel for the TMS320C55x platform). (Ole Olsen, Daniel Lazaro Cuadrado, Jens Peter Hol-megaard, Peter Koch)
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/200431/12/2004


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