Contemporary Poetry between Genres, Art Forms, and Media



    In the research of the new millennium, there is a distinct lack of a theoretical and analytical position that focuses on the explosive development with regard to the production, distribution and reception of poetry.

    An orientation towards sound and performance has taken place, in which poetry, drama and music have entered into new constellations. We have seen more extensive sampling poetry and an orientation towards the narrative. We have seen syntheses between poetry and visual artistic expressions. The technological development of the media has contributed to the development of new poetic forms of interaction on the Internet.

    The conference seeks to identify contemporary poetry within three different fields of tension: Between the traditional notion of the poetic genre and a genre-decomposing notion, between literature and other art forms (visual art, music, film, performance etc.), and between the book medium and other media (Internet, oral etc.). In the project, poetry will be viewed as a unified field that has a unique ability to change, develop and adapt itself through its complex interaction with other genres, art forms and media. The aim is to develop new interdisciplinary methods for reading contemporary poetry, and to discuss the literary-historical, art-historical, social and political implications of the expansion of poetry as a genre.
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