Control-oriented modeling of de-oiling hydrocyclone system coupled with upstream 3-phase separator



As one of the most cost-effective de-oiling facilities applicable to offshore OG production, the hydrocyclone system is popularly used in most of the current offshore installations. The hydrocyclone’s performance directly determines the produced water’s quality, thereby affect the injection water availability if the produced water will be re-used for injection purpose. However, the control principle for hydrocyclone system is not very-well understood, and the current control solutions heavily rely on ad hoc and empirical tuning. Based on our previous work and achievements, this project will continue the investigation of control-oriented modeling of de-oiling hydrocyclone system by applying the data-based system identification methods, especially by taking separator system’s dynamic coupling into consideration.

Total budget: 290,000dkr - DTU DHRTC Sprint Project
Kort titelCyclone Modeling
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/201631/12/2016


  • Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Center (DHRTC)


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