Coordinated Control Strategy of Distributed Energy Resources in Distribution Networks



The proliferation of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and their integration to distribution networks bring new challenges to modern power systems. The increasing penetration of DERs into distribution may cause bidirectional power flow, and more uncertainties will be introduced into power system due to the intermittent and stochastic nature of distributed renewables. As a result, power quality (e.g. voltage, frequency) will be affected by this trend. In addition, with the widely deployment of smart meters, large amount of smart meter data is collected, which can help the stable and reliable operation of power systems.

This project aims at coping with above challenges and utilizing these data for data-driven analysis. The objectives of this project contain three aspects:

1) To improve voltage profiles in distribution networks caused by the bidirectional power flow and the uncertainties of the distributed renewables.

2) To collectively coordinate the geographically disperse DERs in distribution network to provide ancillary service.

3) To propose data-driven algorithm which is robust to measurement noise and missing data.

In this project, new algorithms such as stochastic model predictive control, coordinated frequency control mechanism and data-driven methods will be proposed. This project will not only contribute to research field but also provides guidance to ensure the stable and reliable operation of future power system with high penetration of DERs.

Funding: China Scholarship Council.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/11/201831/10/2021


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