Cost and Reliability Evaluation in Photovoltaic Systems Considering DC-Link Capacitors (SANKEN)



Renewable energies are still favorable energy resources as alternatives for conventional fossil-based energies that will become very limited with a still increase of energy demand worldwide. Photovoltaic systems are one promising renewable energy, which is thus being developed at a rapid pace. Power electronics and dc-link capacitors are two essential components in this power conditioning process. More specific, the power electronics help to flexibly convert the dc energy to ac energy; while the dc-link capacitor is employed to decouple the energy process. However, it has also been identified that power electronics and capacitors are the most lifetime limiting units in photovoltaic systems. Hence, developing or designing high reliability with lower cost is of high concerns in industry as well as in national strategic plans.
To achieve so, it is necessary to evaluate the reliability of the present systems. There are many factors that can induce failures to the system like the operating environment or condition (typically referred to as mission profiles). Hence, this project is jointly initiated by the Department of Energy Technology at Aalborg University, Denmark and Sanken Electric Co., Ltd., Japan to develop cost and reliability evaluation methods, and as a result, designing of high reliability with low cost is possible. In this project, evaluations of photovoltaic systems will be performed considering the system operating conditions. Furthermore, system-level cost and reliability will be analyzed in consideration of dc-link capacitors. It is expected that the outcome of this project can help industry design for highly reliable photovoltaic systems and also enhance the present technologies in terms of reliability.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/05/201730/04/2018