Cryogenic Carbon Capture and Use



The main scope of this project is to establish well documented and quantified technoeconomic scenarios for grid balancing by cryogenic carbon capture coupled with synthesis of transportation fuels. As the first step, site specific data will be collected to assess the process integration potential (capture and fuel synthesis) with the existing operation of the cement and the CHP plants. The carbon capture will leverage a recent break-through in a cryogenic capture technology that has proven superior to any other capture technology in terms of energy efficiency and costs. The project will validate the capture technology for the two sites considered. Topologies for the integration and further processing of the captured CO2 to synthetic fuel will be investigated in terms of costs, energy efficiency and carbon efficiency. A central part of the project will also be to assess the feasibility of demonstration plant located at one of the two sites. The results from the project are expected to form the necessary foundation for this assessment.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/05/201730/09/2019