• Sørensen, John Houman (Projektdeltager)



    Eurostat has for the second time organised a CVTS ? Continued Vocational Training Survey ? collecting data from enterprises with 10+ employees in all EU-member-countries, supplemented in CVTS-II with data also from the applicant countries. The survey allows for compari-sons between volume and character of CVT in the dif-ferent European countries. Eurostat and the EU-Commission has early 2001 li-censed a Consortium, consisting of BIBB, Bonn (co-ordinator), WSZ-Berlin, IWI, Wien, ESRI, Dublin, LEST, Aix-en-Provence and CARMA, Aalborg, the task to analyse and formulate possible hypothesis´ of how to explain these differences ? and eventually suggest further research in the field and/or a changed methodology in forthcoming CVTS-surveys. By the end of 2003 all required articles reporting results of the statistical analysis has been delivered, but work on producing comparative analysis, to be published in thematic articles, will be continued untill summer 2004. (John Houman Sørensen)
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