The purpose of this project is to take methanol fuelled HTPEM fuel cell technology from basic R&D and the current proof of concept systems into technological readiness for large scale use in commercial products.

The first step along this pathway is to do extensive R&D, optimization and redesign of existing proof of concept power modules developed by 2 of the partners in this project.

These modules are then to be integrated and demonstrated in power backup systems for telecom and UPS systems tailored for use within the ITmarket.

The market potential for both apllications is huge, and there is an extensive pull from the market for products with the value proposition that methanol fuelled fuel cell systems can provide. The specific propositions and market potentials for the 2 applications are described in detail in the enclosed business plans. Overall they evolve from a demand from the market of becoming less dependent of unreliable diesel generators and lead acid batteries that each possesses a number of economical, operational as well as environmental disadvantages. Bringing methanol fuelled fuel cell systems to market in the early market segments will ease the commercialiasation in all other market segments.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/200901/01/2011


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