Danish-US Technological Advancement, Innovation and Sustainability (DENUS TAIS) Research Network



The project will explore the following aspects. Firstly, the specifics of
cross-border alliances between firms of various nature will be reviewed in extant
research publications. Then, via creation of close links between the international
research network and the businesses in North Jutland and the State of Ohio the
business experience in cross-border alliances will be investigated, as well as the
application of technological advancement and innovation for a sustained upgrading of the international competitiveness of these firms. A series of face-to-face interviews will be carried out by the network partners with firm managers.The results of the exploratory activities will feed into the creation of a specific frame for further investigations of the research area with a final goal to create a model/framework that will integrate all aspects of the researched phenomenon and present a starting point in firms' decision-making activities when creating plans for improvements in value creation and value capture that will positively impact their business performance and international competitiveness. This is especially important for firms from developed economies and peripheral regions which experience ever increasing pressures that drive down value capture thus impacting negatively firms' long-term profitability.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/02/201731/12/2017


  • Ohio State University


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