The Kiteborne Energy concept is an ocean current energy converter that can be deployed at lower energetic tidal flows and water depths than conventional tidal turbines. Its lower cut-in threshold opens up the possibility of deploying the Kiteborne Energy concept in rivers throughout Europe located close to the actual consumption of electricity. It was proven experimentally that the concept orients itself automatically towards optimal direction with passive control mechanisms. The Kiteborne Energy system is a light system, meaning low weight and low material requirement which is directly linked to the LCOE. The system is also less complex than traditional tidal technologies and generates less noise making it more environmentally friendly than traditional concepts.
In order to estimate the potential of the system, it is paramount to first assess the energy potential that can be harvested at the possible deployment sites. The present project focuses on evaluating the resource potential from current off the coast of Langelang in Denmark. This first investigation will give an indication of the attainable absorbed energy by the Kiteborne energy concept taking its estimated efficiency.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202031/12/2020


  • Kiteborne Energy IVS
  • Vento Maritime ApS


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