The project will develop a new design program integrating installation, pile design, in one operation. The use of screw piles is an alternative to direct foundations and concrete piles and has many advantages: 1) Direct
foundations must be excavated, and the soil must be disposed of, a screw foundation does not provide surplus soil, this gives great advantages for ground that has contaminated soil. 2) Working environmentally,
less physically stressful for the employee. 3) There is a great environmental benefit as steel screws can be reused. 4) A concrete foundation can only be loaded after 2-3 weeks, a screw foundation can be loaded immediately. 5) Experience shows a saving of 15-20%.

The project is a partnership between Aalborg University, Samson Trading ApS, Andreasen & Co., Hvidberg A/S.

The project is supported by Innovation Fund Denmarks Grand Solutions programme.
Kort titel D2DFoundation
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/202028/02/2024


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