• Wisniewski, Rafal (PI (principal investigator))
  • Kallesøe, Carsten Skovmose (Projektdeltager)
  • Dahl, Joachim (Projektdeltager)



Efficient control techniques used in contemporary industrial processes are based on the assumption that the dynamics of the plant is sufficiently linear. However, many industrial processes deal with highly nonlinear dynamics, where engineers currently have no other option but to follow a heuristic or trial-and error approach. The lack of a systematic approach to nonlinear control has not yet been covered by science. We believe that by changing the paradigm of control theory from state-oriented to distribution-oriented, this situation can be changed. By examining the evolution of distributions, nonlinear dynamics is captured by a linear operator. Consequently, nonlinear control problems can be solved with linear optimization. DeBaTe aims at establishing a measure-theoretic setting for control theory; in particular, obtaining non-conservative stability conditions using densities as certificates. Subsequently, the moment method in optimisation will be examined for constructing densities.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/07/201730/06/2020