Demonstration af AD Booster systemet for øget biogasproduktion



Enhanced biogas production by means of the AD Booster technology is being demonstrated at commercial scale at the Ribe Biogas facility in Ribe, Denmark with the support of private investors and a grant from the EUDP Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program. The involved partners are BioVantage, Ribe Biogas, Grontmij, and Aalborg University.

The primary focus of the technology demonstration is to confirm the laboratory and pilot results of the AD Booster process at a commercial scale, thereby opening the door to commercial application of the technology. The AD Booster system will be operated in parallel with the existing biogas process, allowing direct comparison of process performance with and without the AD Booster system. The testing will confirm the process flowsheet, operating conditions, product yields, and overall operability of the system, thereby providing at-scale data for cost and performance modeling of commercial projects. The first phase of the demonstration testing will be completed and BioVantage will be ready to begin receiving commercial orders sometime in Mid 2016.

Following successful demonstration of the AD Booster system with the typical biogas process, additional testing will be performed to demonstrate the ability of the AD Booster technology to increase methane yields from materials which traditionally have a low biogas yield due to the presence of high concentration of lignocellulosic polymers. This will be all from straw, husk, woody waste as well as green waste. Success in this stage of the demonstration will open the door to economical biogas production using only lower-value feedstocks, eliminating the need for food processing wastes and/or energy crops that are more costly and potentially limited in supply.
AkronymAD Booster
Effektiv start/slut dato01/07/201531/12/2017


  • EUDP: 25.487.677,00 kr.


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