Design of a Usability Laboratory for Testing Mobile Devices



This project has designed and developed a laboratory for conducting usability tests of communication systems and small mobile devices. The first usability laboratory was designed and established in 1999 to facilitate a broad range of tests and products, including software running on work stations and PCs. The shapes, sizes, and physical positions of the rooms available were given in advance. Otherwise there were no major restrictions on the design. The design of this laboratory was based on general descriptions of usability laboratories (Rubin) and experience from existing facilities (Kommunedata). Yet it was quickly realised that the testing of devices as well as communication based on devices raised new problems. These experiences were the basis for designing the second laboratory. In the spring of 2001, it became possible to move the usability laboratory to a place much closer to the research group using it. In this setting, we are experimenting with work practices for two kinds of usability tests. The first is testing of small mobile devices. The size and lack of a fixed physical position raises several practical problems. The second is testing of communication based on either computerized systems or mobile devices.
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  • Nokia Siemens Networks
  • Siemens
  • Aalborg University
  • Department of Computer Science
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