Design Study for Controllable Electric Motor for Three Wheel Drive, In Wheel Mounting on Professional, Electric, Lawn Mower



Synopsis Sauer-Danfoss proposed a design of a new generation of electric drive for professional lawnmowers. Examples of use for these lawnmowers are golf courses, sports arenas, parks, etc. Sauer-Danfoss suggested a design where each of the three wheels is fitted with an electric drive motor. Literature study pointed out that Permanent Magnet Transverse Flux Motor may fit the prescribed requirements and may have the highest torque density. Analytical and 2D/3D Finite Element method were used to model and analyze the PM Transverse Flux Motor. Prototypes were also made and measured to verify the design and to evaluate the performance. The methods to improve the power factor, torque density were studied. New configurations were also examined and evaluated. Complete magnetic field analysis, instantaneous torque calculation method, dynamic modeling method and proper control technologies were carried out. A systematic design and performance calculation procedure including computer programs capable of carrying out the calculations in the industrial design environment will also be provided. (Supervisors Ewen Ritchie; Peter Omand Rasmussen; Per Sandholdt, Sauer-Danfoss)
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