Green mobility transition by design.

Mobility hubs are places of flow, where two or more modes of mobility (e.g., bike, bus, train, car) meet, and where interchange between these can happen. The MA2 URBAN DESIGN studio 2022 explored design strategies for mobility hubs in villages, considering rural mobility and the movement of people between rural and urban sites.

In collaboration with Regional Udvikling - Region Syddanmark, Fynbus, and the two municipalities of Assens and Middelfart, two case sites were selected: Brylle and Ejby. These sites are points in wider mobility networks, as well as they are places in local villages.

With an outset in the assigned site, each project team has worked on specifying, challenging and resolving local and regional constraints and possibilities of the site, in a process of material-spatial, imaginative exploration of conditions, barriers and potentials.

The results of the studio are dissiminated through a summary booklet in Danish and extensive project material (report, models, posters) for each of the four projects in English - here represented through posters.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/02/202231/08/2022


  • Region Syddanmark (Projektpartner)
  • Assens Kommune
  • Middelfart Kommune
  • Fynbus