Determining changes of Coastal Sandbars

  • Potuckova, Marketa (Projektdeltager)



Determining Changes of Coastal Sandbars Application of terrestrial photogrammetry in geology. The goal is to determine time changes of positions of a coastline and coastal sandbars using time series of rectified images of the beach and the sea. The positions of the bar crest are inferred from positions of waves breaking on bars. Due to inappropriate configuration (oblique images, control points only in lower parts of images), it was not possible to use standard software. Based on literature, a program for rectifying and resampling the image was developed and tested. The project has been running within a co-operation with the Department of Earth Science, Århus University. (Marketa Potuckova, Mads Kjaestrup)
Effektiv start/slut dato01/06/200201/04/2004