Developing a new screening program for developmental dysplasia of the hip



In this project we will implement an ultrasound screening programme of all newborn children born at Aarhus University Hospital during a 1-year project period using the pubeo femoral distance (PFD) method with the midwives as examiners. All children will be offered the opportunity to have this examination done in addition to the current screening for DDH. The examination will take place immediately after their already scheduled visit to the midwife clinic 2-4 days after birth. The examination is risk free, painless and requires no additional hospital visits. If the PFD examination shows signs of DDH, the child will be referred to a specialized radiologist for further ultrasound examination similarly to the existing screening program.

During the project we will evaluate the new method of screening and document the learning process for the examining midwives. We aim to show this method as a cost-effective alternative to the current screening and that the method is easily implementable in the hands of novice ultrasound users.

It is our goal that no child should undergo surgery because of undiagnosed childhood DDH, and if the PFD method proves effective, to implement a national screening program for DDH where every child will be offered an ultrasound examination of their hips in the future.
Kort titelDansk Hoftescreening Projekt
Effektiv start/slut dato30/09/202111/10/2022

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  • Developmental dysplasia of the hip
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