Development and demonstration of an off-grid standalone renewable based cold storage for agricultural use in India



The main objective of the project is to provide a reliable, cost and energy-efficient
solution for preventing the waste of food and agricultural products during
harvesting and post-harvesting processes, i.e. a hybrid renewable-based cold
storage. In India, the major challenge in setting up on-farm cold storage is access
to the energy to operate the system because rural areas have limited (or no) access
to grid power. Besides, along with the global orientation toward the renewable
energy, India has started this trend. India is a land to which the sun is so
generous, making it smart to invest in solar energy projects. As solar energy is
intermittent and available enough only during the sunny days, the existence of an
energy storage facility or a secondary source of energy for the system is vital.
Biogas is another source of renewable largely available in India. Therefore, biogas
will also be taken into consideration in the design of the heat-driven system of this
Effektiv start/slut dato01/06/201931/05/2022


  • Sardar Patel University
  • Mash Energy


  • Innovationsfonden: 3.590.957,00 kr.


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