Development of High Performance MEAs for PEM and DMFC Unit Cells



Denmark Fuel Cell Research and Development sector has in the recent years obtained results in material, components and stack design for PEM FC and DMFC technology, which both are leading international class. Additionally, the R&D efforts have contributed to significant cost reductions that are mandatory in order to archieve acceptable market cost. However, to fullfill the next target goals of MEA performance, amount (mass) of platinum used, cost and lifetime defined in the national Danish strategy on PEM FC, it is of upmost importance to develop material compositions and process technologies that will contribute significantly towards archieving the power targets for PEM and DMFC. The aim of the present project is to combine the results obtained in earlier national and international projects and through modeling and, material and process development to obtain significantly better MEA performance and to attain technology necessary to fabricate catalyst materials thereby providing a viable alternative to current industry standard. The project will focus on development of high-performance, lower cost membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) that:

- Use less precious metal than current state-of-the-art constructions
- Are made by new catalysts from novel processes amenable to high volume manufacturing
- Optimised with respect to catalyst/support interactions and intrinsic microstructure (nanotechnology)
- Encapsulated in durable seals for high speed assembly processes
- Meet the demanding target for PEM and DMFC performance

Furthermore, enhancement and validation of an advanced Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model developed through an industrial PhD project and improved in the project "Development of integrated DMFC and PEM fuel cell units" (PSO-5357) is adressed with the aim to apply the model as a design tool. The project will conclude with an evaluation of the potential for large-scale production of the developed catalysts, validation of the model and assessment of the sealed MEA units. This project targets comply with the overall objectives goals included in the Danish PEM FC strategy.

Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/200801/01/2011


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