Development of the Process Innovation Toolbox for Designing Intelligent Supply Chains



    The purpose of the project is to develop the Process Innovation Laboratory (π-Lab) for designing Intelligent Supply Chains (ISC). Enterprises are increasingly using information technology to enable innovation of their supply chains. The π-Lab is a new approach to facilitate innovation and design of new business processes for intelligent supply chains.
    Focus in this project is on the design, implementation and validation of a process innovation toolbox in the context of the π-Lab. The π-Lab toolbox will be developed and tested in collaboration with industrial partners. Consequently the main research question addresses the development of a process innovation toolbox for designing intelligent supply chains.
    The research methodology applied in this project is a combination of design science research, action research, and case studies. In this way a close interaction with companies is expected to result in an application oriented outcome.
    The theoretical basis of the project is based on Business Process Innovation (BPI), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and information systems development, and the concepts of BPI will be the main conceptual basis.
    The research approach starts with a study of cross-organizational IT-projects related to SCM and business processes, from where the methodology and theoretical basis are refined along with the detailed research questions.
    The expected outcome of this Ph.D. study will be the design and practical validated guidelines for the π-Lab toolbox. For the case companies, the expected outcome will be to finding effective tools and methods for designing and building the intelligent supply chain. The contribution to the academic field will be an increased knowledge on the π-Lab design and propositions on ISC and BPI.
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