Thermal management is a key design aspect of power converters since it determines their reliability as well as their final performance and power density. With the ever increasing reliability requirements, traditional method of the thermal management are not sufficient and applicable any more. A complete thermal management solution for power electronic converters require an investigation in both scientific modeling and practical implementation issues. It could have a high impact if a compact solution can be developed since it is a massive market.
This project focuses on the thermal design and management of both component-level and converter-level that conducts research from the aspects of modeling evaluation, optimization design and experimental verification, aiming to develop an entire thermal design and management solution for power converters. It contributes to the reliability of the converter and provide the references for effectively reducing the design cost and volume of the converter. It is helpful and useful for both researchers and engineers to optimize the power electronics converter in terms of reliability, cost and volume.
Funding: CSC Scholarship
Effektiv start/slut dato01/12/202130/11/2024


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