Dissipation of the FWBL Methodology to Innovative Continuing professional Development



SME’s in Europe play’s a very essential role in manufacturing of goods and services. To keep
pace with and be up front in the global competition, continuing development of knowledge,
competences and skills is very important. Traditional short courses are however very difficult
to match with the SME’s needs. Tailor-made courses or learning programmes that fits with
SME’s needs and time schedule will be more beneficial for industry and for society. Teachers
from HEI and VET are in general not trained in planning programmes based on industrial
needs. This project will address this situation:
In the project we will develop, test and improve a Teacher Training Programme (TTP) that
will support HEI and VET teachers in planning and facilitating tailor-made continuing
professional development. A number of SME’s will be involved as test cases.
HEI and VET teachers from project partners will be introduced to tools and guidelines to
negotiate with SME’s on identifying needs, specifying learning objectives and facilitate a tailor
made learning process, based on the applicants experience from earlier projects with SME’s.
An important aspect is to plan courses matching the learner’s background and knowledge
level from education and work experience. One of the partners will bring experience with
Recognition of Prior Learning into the project and into the TTP. Another partner will
contribute with processes and methodology for Quality Assurance of tailor-made CPD.
With the different partners we will involve SME’s with needs on different educational level and
from different marked situations.
As outcomes from this project we will have a training programme that will qualify HEI and
VET teachers to be involved on close cooperation with SME’s on tailor-made knowledge
transfer and skills and competence development. The TTP will we applicable in different
European contexts and different industrial sectors.
This way of involving HEI and VET institutions in cooperation with SME’s on continuously
improving the industrial knowledge level, is a big step towards the European Union’s strategic
goal to be the most competitive and dynamic knowledge based economy in the world


Tailor-made CEE in Europe, case stories. Nørgaard, Bente; Rokkjær, Ole; Hannemose, Niels; Murphy, Anne; Allen, Declan; Corrigan, Tom; Collins, Kate; Ausina, Isabel Tort; Garcia, Israel Quintanilla. Proceedings of the Joint International IGIP-SEFI Annual Conference 2010. Brussels, Belgium : SEFI: European Association for Engineering Education, 2010
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