Diversity and Contestations over Nationalism in Europe and Canada

  • Siim, Birte (PI (principal investigator))
  • Fossum, John-Erik (Projektansøger)
  • Kastoreyano, Riva (Projektdeltager)



The main question that this project seeks to address is whether contemporary transformations are about negotiating nationalism, i.e. they take place within the terms set by nationalism, on the one hand, or whether they are about transcending nationalism, on the other. In order to address that we need to establish more precisely what contemporary nationalism is, and how nationalism is being contested. Do we need to revise our conception of nationalism’s socio-political embedding? Or are we better served by abandoning nationalism and instead trying to opt for an alternative frame of reference, such as for instance cosmopolitanism? Given that a key aspect of transformation is heightened diversity, where would for instance multiculturalism figure in this picture?
Kort titelDiversity and Nationalism
Effektiv start/slut dato20/01/201531/08/2018