"Drushbametrics" (Russian winter-schools on chemometrics)



KHE is the founder of a 5-year project initiating systematic teaching of chemometrics in Russia. The period 2002-2006 will see five "Drushbametric winter-schools on chemometrics", at (widely) different locations in Russia; 2002: Kostroma (Moscow); 2003: Altai, Bernaul (Siberia); 2004: St. Petersburg; 2005: Socchi, Black Sea; 2006: Jenesei River. The objective of the Drushbametrics winter-schools is primarily to focus on making but a modest inroad in the vast badlands of insufficient chemometrics competence and experience in Russia (for all winter-schools there are two international chemometrics experts invited as the core teaching staff). However, Drushbametrics is also specifically oriented towards furnishing affordable opportunities for international interaction between young(er) chemometric/analytical/engineering scientists and engineers from Russia and abroad (drushba means friendship in Russian). 2001 saw extensive organisational preparations and development of suitable teaching materials (translation of textbook, practical meeting/travel organisation as well as sponsoring etc.). It is the aim of the project that the Russian Chemometrics Society (RCS) will be able to assume full responsibility from 2005-2006, both w.r.t. the curriculum as well as financially. (Kim H. Esbensen; Alexei Pomerantev, Oxana Rodionova, RCS, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)
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