Persuasive Learning Object Technologies
Learning objects and technologies are currently limited in their adaptability and in how far they support active engagement from the learner. EuroPLOT will develop a pedagogical framework for active engagement, based on persuasive design, and to demonstrate its value by creating tools and exemplars of adaptable, reusable learning resources. This pedagogical framework will incorporate persuasive design principles, which determine how to design ICT that can change people’s behaviour and/or attitudes, for example, using elements such as fun, simulation, competition, cooperation and peer pressure.

This framework will be encapsulated as a series of persuasive learning designs, highlighting learning activities and sequences that can be demonstrated to have a particular persuasive learning outcome. We will develop tools that incorporate these persuasive learning designs that allow tutors to create and adapt e-learning resources. These tools will be extensions of existing prototypes: the GLOMaker learning object creation tool, which generates learning objects using a (currently restricted) set of learning designs and components, and the 3ET tool which draws on databases, such as language corpora, to generate e-learning activities. We will use these to produce a collection of exemplar e-learning resources for use in three distinct areas: language learning, environmental assessment and business computing for both vocational and tertiary education. We will use the tools to create different versions of these exemplars suitable for use with different learner groups and in different languages. These will be used to assess the impact of the persuasive learning design model on learner engagement.

The impact will be to generate more effective active e-learning resources and will give teachers the necessary tools to both create new and adapt existing resources to suit their needs. This will improve the quality of e-learning resources available for sharing across Europe long term.
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