EASYRIGHT. Enabling immigrants to easily know and exercise their rights



The overarching objective of EASYRIGHTS is to develop a co-creation eco-system in which different actors belonging to the
local governance system can cooperate in increasing the quantity and quality of public (welfare) services available to
immigrants. The specific aims are to improve the current personalisation and contextualisation levels, empower the
prospective beneficiaries of existing services in getting better access and fruition opportunities, and to engage Quadruple
Helix stakeholders in joint, purposeful co-creation efforts, facilitated by the use of hackathons. An easyRights platform - with
the twin meaning of “aggregation of local stakeholders” and “collection of online and offline services” - will be developed and
deployed in four pilot locations (Birmingham, Larissa, Palermo and Valencia). In so doing, easyRights can support
immigrants in their search for responses to different needs, making them more autonomous - at least to some extent - from
discretionary street level bureaucracies, saving time for both migrants and for social service staff and cutting costs for the
public administration.
Effektiv start/slut dato02/01/202031/12/2022


  • Polytechnic University of Milan (leder)
  • LINKS Foundation
  • Comune di Palermo
  • Birmingham City Council


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