Effekten af Guidet Afspænding og Musik på ængstelse, smerte, stemningsleje, tilfredshed med indlæggelse og indlæggelsestid. Et randomiseret kontrolleret studie



A Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) of the Effect of Guided Relaxation with Music (GAM) on Anxiety, Pain, Mood, Satisfaction with Hospital Stay, and on Length of Hospitalisation in Cardiac Valve Surgery Patients.

This project investigates if it is possible to reduce anxiety and pain in heart valve surgery patients, to enhance their mood, an to support the patient's coping with their mood in the first phase of their rehabilitation , after heart valve surgery by way of a receptive music therapy method in the form of a guided relaxation with music. The intention of the guided relaxation with music is:

- To teach the patients a simple relaxation technique that may be combined with music listening
- To reduce the patient's anxiety, pain and tension level and possibly increasing their satisfaction with their stay in hospital

The purpose of the project is to investigate the following:
1. What is the effect of guided relaxation with music on anxiety, pain, mood, satisfaction with hospital stay, and on the length of hospitalisation in patients' immediate pre and post cardiac valve surgery care?
2. What aspects of the intervention guided relaxation with music have an effect on the patient's experience of relaxation?

Methods of research
A randomised controlled between and within groups design (RCT) is used. Participants are matched by age and gender proportionately to the average distribution in 2000 - 2004.
Research question one has generated five hypotheses regarding the effects of a receptive music therapy intervention, guided relaxation with music on patients' experiences of their anxiety, pain, mood, satisfaction with hospital stay, and on the length of hospitalisation.
Question two has generated two open questions regarding which elements of the guiding and the music respectively affect patients' experience of relaxation.

Data collection is done by way of structured questionnaires including validated scales for assessing pain, anxiety and mood.
For further investigation into the patient experience of the guiding and music intervention three cases, women, one of each of three research conditions, are obtained through semi structured interviews.

Data collection is in progress since September 2005 and is expected to continue until November/December 2006. At the end of July 2006 the project has had 39 participants.

Registration period
1st July 2004 - 30th June 2007

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