Efficient and robust I-f control for wide speed range sensorless PMSM drives

  • Chen, Dunzhi (PI (principal investigator))
  • Lu, Kaiyuan (Supervisor)
  • Wang, Dong (Supervisor)



This project studies novel efficient and robust I-f controller for permanent magnet synchronous motor drives.

Conventional open-loop I-f control is poorly damped and can only operate stably with positive d-axis current. An I-f control with a new current compensation loop is proposed to achieve stable id=0 operation in this work. The proposed method can be used for startup with a seamless transition to sensorless field-oriented-control (FOC), since id=0 operation is already achieved before switching to FOC. In addition, as the I-f control can now maintain stable id=0 operation against 100% rated load step disturbance from 10% to 100% rated speed, it could be a standalone control scheme for wide-speed-range operations.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/04/201831/03/2022


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