The purpose of the project is to scale up and establish a demonstration project as well as the development of a generic model to promote knowledge within this area. This way, the ideal combination of NOx reduction and energy recovery will be identified and developed.

The objectives of this project are to scale up the technology to an industrial scale, thereby reaching proof of concept through at least 5000 hours of trials thus creating the first-of-a-kind flagship within heat recovery and energy production in combination with NOx-reduction. Further, to develop a state- of- the- art generic design model for the total system. A model using a Catalytic CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) system will be developed, in order to increase the knowledge of the catalytic activity, as well as the exhaust gas flow and temperature development. Aalborg University (AAU) has the experience in modelling the gas and oil flow in CFD, and also experience in advanced flow measurement which is why the cooperation between AAU, ADNOX and HJL is ideal for this project.


NOx reduction and energy recycling in diesel engines
Effektiv start/slut dato01/10/201930/09/2022


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