EDYCE (Energy flexible DYnamic building CErtification) is the natural evolution of the conventional Energy Performance Certification into real time optimization of building performance and comfort, by capturing the building’s dynamic behaviour, and at the same time providing transparent feedback, through an intuitive interface.
E-DYCE will drastically increase the reliability of the energy performance assessment process. It will support communication between labelling professionals and building owners, to cultivate benefits in both indoor climate and energy savings. It is complimentary to current EPC labeling method and not competitive, bringing and standing for all the value of the next generation of certification and building energy assessment.
In the current generation of steady-state EPCs the free-running potential of buildings is not considered, neither are included in the labeling stock buildings without heating installed or those of old cultural heritage. On the opposite side, smartness in buildings easy to cope with changes, are not rewarded when buildings are labelled. Overheating, low comfort, demotivation for renovations can be named, as results of poor decisions taken through EPCs.
The transition to dynamic calculations must be supported by optimized and structured processes: efficient input data acquisition, data storage, interoperability, and transparent presentation and communication with the user.

The project is funded by Horizon 2020 under SOCIETAL CHALLENGES - Secure, clean and efficient energy. Grant agreement ID: 893945 .
Kort titelEDCYE
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/202031/08/2023


  • Estia SA (Medansøger)
  • EMTECH (Medansøger)
  • Polytechnic University of Turin
  • CPEG
  • Neogrid Technologies ApS
  • Torre Pelice Municipality
  • Core Innovation
  • ENEA
  • GEP


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