Environmental assessment of government bills: The influence of public involvement on the political process



With a point of departure in Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of government bills in Denmark, the project focuses on the linkages between the political process and the public involvement. SEA of government bills is part of an integrated system in which the following effect categories are assessed: Macroeconomic effects, microeconomic effects, administrative effects for business and for the public, environmental effects and the relation to EU law. The SEA is thereby an integral part of the overall assessment of the bill and is included as part of the legislative process covering the steps: The preparation of the SEA, the presentation in the commentaries to the proposals, public involvement and the political use during readings in Parliament.

The focus is on the linkages between the public involvement and the political process related to government bills. By a documentary study of the minutes of readings in Parliament and of the public comments, the project answers the question: How and to what extent influence public involvement the formal political debate and the decisional out-come?

Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/200730/11/2007


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