The EquiMar project is a EU financed project within the FP7 that involves 24 international partners for prestandardizations of marine energy converters. The purpose of the project is to harmonise testing and evaluation procedures across the wide variety of devices existing. Devices will be assess through a number of protocols regarding all the life of a wave energy device, from the early testing and design to the deployment of arrays of devices and the environmental impact.

The Wave Energy Group of AAU will provide valuable information on procedures for numerical calculations as well as tank testing of wave energy converters including wave generation, measuring equipment, analysis of data and performance evaluation. Special attention on practices to assess performance of overtopping devices during early stage investigation in laboratory will be given. General experience of AAU on assessing procedures of Danish as well as European devices will be extended into a common standard for all types of WECs.

Five years experience from running prototype tests of Wave Dragon in Nissum Bredning and 2 years experience from Wave Star will be AAU´s input for development of the common best practice sea trial techniques.

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