EU Programme Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources - Smart Electrode for Nerve Sensing (SENS)



The main objective of SENS is to develop an efficient natural sensing unit later to become part of implantable closed-loop FES systems. Specifically, the SENS system will consist of: 1) a biocompatible self-sizing spiral cuff nerve sensing electrode including multiple contacts and a thin printed electric circuit; 2) an encapsulated application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), directly mounted on the nerve electrode, to allow for neural signal amplification, digitization, and multiplexing; 3) an implantable monitoring unit to control at least two or four smart nerve sensing electrodes; and 4) a transcutaneous link for data transmission to an external monitoring microcomputer. Partners in the SENS project are Aalborg University, Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), University College London (UK), NeuroTech SA (Belgium), Université de Mons Hainaut (Belgium). (Johannes J. Struijk)
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