EU working group APPSEM II



APPSEM II is a working group in the 5th Framework Program of the European Union. The objective of APPSEM II is to maintain and further develop an existing European network for research and technology transfer in the field of application-oriented semantics of programming languages. Programming languages are one of the essential ingredients for successful software development. Theoretical results and expertise that are available in the consortium will be used to solve problems relating to programming with proofs, improving specification and verification, type systems, distributed computing, programming with continuous data, programming the web. At the same time and enabled by these practical problems the theoretical toolbox will be further developed, in particular the semantic understanding of sequentiality, distribution, object-orientation and of resource-bounded computation. This will happen through mutual research visits, workshops and one summer school. APPSEM II has academic participants from 20 universities and four industrial partners. The working group covers the following themes: A. Program structuring: object-oriented programming modules B. Proof assistants, functional programming and dependent types C. Program analysis, generation and configuration D. Specification and verification methods E. Types and type inference in programming F. Games, sequentiality and abstract machines G. Semantic methods for distributed computing H. Resource models and web data I. Continuous phenomena in Computer Science
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/200331/12/2005


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