European Union and Russia Studies (NPHE-2016/10356)

  • Jaksman, Tiina (PI (principal investigator))
  • Järvinen, Jouni (Projektansøger)
  • Rydén, Lars (Projektansøger)
  • Søndergaard, Bettina Dahl (Projektansøger)
  • Reinholde, Iveta (Projektansøger)
  • Zumente-Steele, Ulla (Projektansøger)
  • Mačkinis, Vilius (Projektansøger)
  • Lopetaitė, Rasa (Projektansøger)



The European Union and Russia Studies Network in the Baltic Sea Region is formed from the partners of the previous network called Baltic Sea Region Studies Network. Since this name no longer reflected the changed nature of the cooperation, it was changed into the European Union and Russia Studies Network.
The focus point of the cooperation first shifted from transition countries to the Baltic Sea Region Studies and now concentrates on the European Union and Russia studies. The goal of the network is to improve teaching, learning and joint curricula planning within interdisciplinary area studies (Russian and East European, EU-Russia studies), tackling several issues of the region, such as security, environment, energy, cultural heritage etc.
In 2016/2017, the cooperation aims at studying different facets of the European Union - the enlargement process and the neighbourhood policy, their future perspectives. The activities planned enable the students to participate in active learning in a multicultural environment.
Funded: 8,000 EUR by Nordplus which is the Nordic Council of Ministers' central programme in the area of lifelong learning
Effektiv start/slut dato15/06/201601/10/2017