Evaluering af BELOK - Beställargruppen Lokaler



Belok is an association of real estate owners of commercial buildings in Sweden established in cooperation with the Swedish Energy Agency (S: Energimyndigheten). The objective of Belok is to improve energy efficiency, to provide better indoor climate and economy for owners and end-users. Since it was established and until 2005, the Swedish Energy Agency has supported Belok directly by grants as part of their strategy for technology procurement (S: Teknikupphandling). On 1 January 2005 the Belok Committee (S: Belok styrelse) was established and Belok is now fun­ded by two-year programmes partly from Swedish Energy Agency through Swedish Construction Clients Forum and partly by the Belok member companies.

The evaluation report is divided into six main chapters. In the first two chapters, the Belok organisation and the Swedish Energy Agency's vision and strategy are discussed. In the next two chapters the development of technologies, products, processes and project management is described based on ten selected project topics from 28 approved projects since the start of Belok in 2001. The last two chapters focus on information, dissemination, innovation strategy and the effect of Belok in relation to energy efficiency, indoor climate and economy.

Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/200724/09/2008