Evolutionary Modelling of Economic Change (EMEC)



The purpose is to develop tools and models for the study of economic evolution. The main tool of the project is a system for evolutionary economic modelling called the Laboratory of Simulation Development (Lsd), which is still being improved by Marco Valente in collaboration with Esben Sloth Andersen and others. The Lsd system allows everyone with MS Windows or Unix/Linux to test existing evolutionary-economic models, to modify them, and (presupposing relevant skills) to develop totally new models. The task of the project is not only to contribute to the development of the Lsd system but also to model the dynamics of the economic division of labour and the problems of the network economy.
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Population thinking, Price's equation and the analysis of economic evolution

Andersen, E. S., 2008, Recent Developments in Evolutionary Economics. Witt, U. (red.). Edward Elgar Publishing, s. 30-52 22 s.

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Bridging the gap between Schumpeterian competition and evolutionary game theory

Andersen, E. S., 2007. 20 s.

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  • Evolutionary econometrics : From Joseph Schumpeter's failed econometrics to George Price's general evometrics and beyond

    Andersen, E. S., 2004.

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