EXC-CELL - Extreme Climate Fuel Cell Solutions



This project is a continuation of the PEM fuel cell activities in Denmark according to the Road Map for PEM fuel cell systems. The project is a continuation of the very successful CanDan projects that have taken the backup power solution to the current development stage of internationally leading products, successful demonstrations and a merger between Canadian and Danish fuel cell companies. The project includes a close collaboration between a key player in Canada and Denmark to bring forward a second generation climate kit and fuel cell system solution for regions with extreme climates. This will open a niche of the backup supplementary power market with the willingness to pay for the unique features offered by a fuel cell solution. Entering this niche market will help leverage the 20% cost reduction of backup and supplementary power solutions required to enter a broader market.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/10/201230/06/2015


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