Expanding the scope of the EuP Directive



The project was kick-started by the adoption the ErP Directive (Directive 2009/125/EC). The recast means that Energy-related Products now are included in the scope of the. With this expansion of the scope to energy related products, focus is put on interesting issues, which have already been discussed in relation to Sustainable Consumption and Production in the EU. This concern:

- How can a common information platform be ensured, which can feed the setting of requirements for both energy- and eco-labelling, green procurement guidelines and performance requirements in for instance the ErP Directive?
- How is an optimal synergy between the minimum performance requirements in the ErP Directive, the energy labelling of all products and incentives for front-runner companies through eco-labels?

The aim of this project was to organise a Workshop on Ecodesign and Resource Efficiency. The intention was to bring leading experts and other interested stakeholders together to discuss these issues. The Nordic perspective of the conference should be a common understanding of (1) how the ErP Directive and especially the Implementing measures could be changed to include more environmental requirements than just energy efficiency, (2) how the different ecodesign directives can supplement each other, (3) how a common information platform for IPP instruments can be realised and (4) how a synergy between minimum performance standards and energy- and ecolabels can be established.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/06/201031/12/2010