Experiences with Environmental Impact Assessment of livestock projects



Several research studies have looked into the practice of and experience with Environmental Impact Assessment of projects (EIA) listed in the EU Directive - but only very few specifically focusing on EIA and the livestock problematic. The Danish authorities responsible for EIA in Denmark have screened thousands of livestock projects and have assessed around 100 each year. Through this work, the authorities have acquired an extensive experience which is valuable to the assessment and regulation of livestock projects.

This project collects the experiences gained by the regional authorities using EIA screening and the full EIA as a mechanism for developing a more environmentally sound livestock production. The project is based upon a collection and analyses of the authorities' administrative guidelines for EIA, a questionnaire filled out by the 12 regional authorities in 2005; followed by meetings with the authorities in 2005.

Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/200530/11/2005


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